Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Advertising's loss is probably your loss as well.

That’s right fair readers; I have left my no pay internship.

I leave full of hopes for adventure and riches.

I will probably receive neither, but that is here nor there (nor anywhere for that matter, so stop badgering me about it!).

So my dearest reader (yes, you! None of my other readers are as special to me as you are. You are the one I think about when I write these blogs. You are the one I think about in that final moment before I drift off to sleep. I… I think I... love you, fair reader), I feel as though I will have more time to post or at least, think about posting before probably deciding what I have written is complete drivel and find myself driven to push those dreaded keys, ctrl and A, then delete it all, never to be rescued (if you ignore the saving grace of ctrl Z, the saver of lost work, the shining white knight of the clumsy).

So to the point of this short yet, as I feel, punchy, gripping, overly self-indulgent and in the end, pointless post...

I hope to be seeing more of you all (especially you, but do tell your friends to visit too, the more the merrier after all) and with any luck all of this free time will turn my posts into mini novels comparable to Fitzgerald or Doyle.