Monday, February 7, 2011

Let Me Begin By Saying I'm Sorry...

Oh friends of the Internet; much to tell you, much to tell you.

Let me begin by saying I am sorry. I have neglected you.
My weekend was a whirlwind of buses, trains and pretending I care about the Rugby Sevens whilst staring at girls in costumes and drinking warm beer.

So that was exciting. Then there is also today. The day I start my new job. Hugh and I are now real-life, actual creatives.
We now have work emails, work phones and desks (They are orange, in case you were wondering).

I was going to write about the Sevens, and I still will eventually because oh the tales I have to tell, my friends, the tales!

But right now, as we sit at our desks, doodling away, waiting for the boss to show up and give us something to do (honestly we can't do anything till he gets here and its getting really frustrating!) I am bursting with excitement. It's quite funny actually. I want to sing but it is a bit quiet. Maybe I will ask Jake (the guy that is across the desk), if he can play his ukulele for me and then I can sing. I will be brilliant. Then Jake and I will start a band, and we will tour the world.

But then I wouldn't be a creative, and that would mean I wouldn’t be sitting here excited. Waiting.

So I think that I will hold off that idea for now. Jake and I will be famous, though he already is in the ad world, so it seems. But for now at least I can sit here, quite happy in the knowledge that we have made it this far, in a cutthroat industry where you must work your fingers to the bone to make a name for yourself. Sitting at the desks we will probably spend many nights sleeping at also.

So that is all for today. He just showed up.

It’s the advertising world so it's time for a whiskey.

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