Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Public Transport Is For Chumps. That's Why I Catch It.

First of all yesterday I posted late so go read that post, it's much funnier than this one. Unfortunately I sent it to the proof readers of at TWTS corporate and it took to long getting back.

After that ringing endorsement, welcome to today's post...

I’m not a big fan of the bus. I had to catch it to university five times a week for three years. And now it seems when I get a grown-up's job I will be doing the same all over again (except on the far more packed morning buses).

The problem with buses is how easy it is look insane.

This year I organized my timetable so that it was the same as my friend and creative partner Hugh’s. This was to make sure I was never “that crazy guy with the headphones”.

As far as I can tell I have two options when wearing headphones on the bus. I am either;
a) The guy that listens to comedy podcasts and laughs randomly, or;
b) The guy that listens his music a little too loud so that everyone thinks you're listening to heavy metal (because all they can hear is guitars) and therefore look at you as though you’re a sad goth.

Either option works. I personally enjoy the laughing guy because once you realize that you're actually laughing out loud you try stifle it, which only makes you look crazier. It’s a hilarious lose-lose kind of embarrassment.

The other way I consistently manage to look crazy is by talking to Hugh.

We have one of those friendships where very little is taboo and we have on more than one occasion had conversations, loudly, on buses and in other public places about such diverse topics as; the best way to get away with murder, how much and why we dislike other people on the bus, sex, drugs, cracking current affairs jokes that may be considered “too soon” and on more than one occasion have broken into song and dance numbers.

We can see other people on the bus are a little uncomfortable but it is the bus, if we are able to brightening it up for ourselves and maybe one or two others as immature as us, sniggering to themselves a few seats back, then it's all worth it.

As long as you’re not the kid that plays music through his phone/low quality speaker system I really wont judge you.

Or if you have an annoying laugh.

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