Friday, June 15, 2012

The Re-Re-Return


Hark! What is that majestic sound?

Could it be? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it  ‘80’s hair metal icon Vince Neil “singing”?

Well, for this metaphor to work you were right the first time.

 It’s a bird.

A phoenix even! Rising from the ashes.

For those that have missed it the phoenix in this metaphor is me, or more specifically this tiny corner of the Internet that I hangout in and occasionally write things in.

Sure it may not be a phoenix. Maybe a pigeon that can resurrect its self. It still only has half a foot from that time it got to close to the Koi pond. It’s lost some feathers because its diet consists primarily of bits of sushi people dropped and a bus hit it that one time.

For this metaphor to continue it had to be set fire at some point as well. That’s a terrible image but remember, like a thai massage, there is a happy ending.

I wont apologise for being away for so long. I’ve already don’t that enough. What I will say is that this little corner of the Internet I call my own will hopefully be a lot more active in the coming weeks, months, years and if my research goes to plan I will one day and forever be some kind of omnipotent overlord.

I have more stories, rants and of course far too much free time.

Is this a promise? Hell no! Just look at the last few posts. It’s just as heartfelt and apologetic as this one. But I’ve changed this time I really have. And by changed I mean I have much more free time.


So, welcome back. The booze is in the fridge; try not to spill the dip on my new rug. Is this a new haircut? It is, thanks for noticing.

Put on your favourite song about coming home, or coming back, or returning, or just hit random on itunes and see what comes up.

I missed you guys.

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  1. Hey I get first comment..great metaphors with a few similies (or is that smiles) thrown in! Am listening to Gin a Sav in hand and loving Friday night. Cuz Denise