Saturday, January 29, 2011

How Clever Am I? Clever Like A Fox.

I don’t want to sound cocky but Im a pretty deep and meaningful person.

I mean my writing is full of symbolism and poetic devices.

Sadly some do not realise this, namely my good friend Beka (read her blog if you haven’t, but do it after).

The following is a text conversation we had last night while I may or may not have been under the influence of alcohol. But I think it proves my point quite nicely. Red text is what  I have addent retrospectively. 

Me: "So how many views are you up to?" I am quite competitive with beka, knowing she is on more than me (like she is right now for instance) makes me quite sad.
Beka: "lol I didn’t check. On my way to soccer atm. I hate rain, if you couldn’t tell."
Me:"Haha Nah I liked your one today I lolled." Aren't I nice
Beka: "Haha coming from you that’s pretty good. Are you really boycotting pants…?"
Me:  "Nah h’ve just had to reason to reason to put them on everyday. I figured I’d make the title somewhat relevant to me and the rest will be non sensacal shit."
Beka: "You do? Really?" 
Me: "Well I follow a narrative structure but it is certainly not a traditional one."
Beka: "I don’t know if it showed but I enjouyed it all the same."
Me: "I try. Like todays post was an allagorey for democracy."
Beka: "Okay okay point taken, oh wise one. I shouldve sifted through the prattle for meaningful messages."
Me: "How can it not show? The undying battle symbolises our relentless struggle to free ourselves. The vampire is the soulless nature of consumerism. The werewolf our transformation and hunger. Need I go on?" Obviously, duh!
*moments past it could be minuets, it could be hours. I think it was like 30 seconds*
Me: "I kinda wanna continue making up symbolism now."My impatience stems from both being quite drunk and the fact that I had a piece of paper that I'd written bullet points about the symbolism.
Beka: "Do it. Just uh broadcast the symbol more obviously for us art students."
Me: "Nah just to you. Okay so the gun represents freedom from the oppression but its also a violent symbol showing the violent change that needs to take place. Following me so far?!??!?!!" It is actually quite hard to get that level of punctuation on my phone. I must of sat there for at least 5 minuets for that.
Beka: "How can a gun represent freedom?!" It really can't and shouldn't! unless your George Bush.
Me: "Because while both creatures want to win the fight they are both immortal and therefore crave the FREEDOM of death. Dig?"
*again time passes, not sure how long. Probably not long. *
Me: "Am I moving to fast for you?" I am a condescending dick apparently.
Beka: "Sorry, had to go win a football game in the rain. I follow you now. Are you high btw?" 
The text here should really read "No, but i am a bottle of Rose down and been sipping on a delicious punch know as jungle juice.
Me: "Non no I am not but I did start drinking recently. So whats next to analyse?" 

The texts in here didn't make much sense. But thats because I looked like this at the time.
For the record the heart on my chest is for charity. A Charity we made up called "Motorboat for Kidz".

Beka: "I was showering. You’ve yet to be so eloquent in your blog that I aspires to be you dear. Try harder, harder I say." Challenge accepted!

So as you can clearly see I am quite wise.


  1. I saw most of this, it makes more sense now reading the whole conversation :p You two have some truely epic textersations.

  2. How can I donate to Motorboat for Kids?