Thursday, January 27, 2011

My First and Possibly Last Blog

Hello everyone.
How ever do you do?

Welcome to my blog. Come in, you can leave your shoes on, I don't mind, really.  What? Oh yea, so, I like to keen a half eaten hamburger on the couch. Shut your face.

Did I already screw this up? I’m sorry I love you guys really *please like me face*.

But okay a blog and I’ve got one, now to use it.

I am writing this cause it seemed like a good idea at the time, like a lot of bad decisions I make in my life. And after reading so many blogs I wanted one, why do they get to have all the fun, I just did a degree in writing stuff shh your stupid face face. All I need now is talent and the ability to sit still enough to actually write something funny yet meaningful, like if Will Ferrel was in a remake of green mile playing the big black guy.

So now that I have finished uni and need to find a big persons job that requires me to put pants on every freaking day, instead I’m spending all day on the floor of the living room reading blogs and watching bad tv. But reading blogs has inspired me. There are some ridiculously funny and talented people out here on the Internet and I would like to sit amongst them, or maybe at the kid’s table*, but at least I’m still at the same dinner party right?

So, welcome! Enjoy.

*I do not want to sit at the kids’ table if it means I’m not allowed booze. I will however sit there if it means I get chicken nuggets and chips, cause they are totally better than your stupid fish thing with capers that look like rabbit poo.


  1. I like how you labelled this "Quiche Recipe". However if I genuinely wanted to make quiche and this came up, I might be slightly disappointed. Mildly frustrated, even.

  2. I figure its quite a commonly searched thing. People will, upon discovering it is not in-fact a quiche recipe but a grammatically poor blog, be so intrigued that they will have to read what i have written.
    Basic internet phycology.