Thursday, March 10, 2011

Drinking And Driving. Separately of Course Because I Am Safe

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Now, onto the important stuff.

Have you ever just driven?

Like gotten in a car with nowhere to actually go?

I don’t really like driving so I don’t do it that often, but one of my most favourite times that I aimlessly drove was around New Years a few years ago. 

*Looks up to the left like JD from scrubs*

*That weird water wipe that means it’s a memory*

Enter me, with a whole bunch of my friends.
If it were a bad sitcom we would look almost exactly the same as we do now but with cool, old-school hair. Come to think of it that’s pretty true - I had long hair back then. This was about 3 years ago, and I looked like a d-bag. How quickly times change (cries as “Time After Time” plays).

So there we were drinking - as friends do (beers appear in our characters' hands).

We did all that normal stuff - drinking games, shots, long walks on the beach, pretending that pouring beer on the barbeque meant that we were beer-battering whatever it is we were cooking at the time. For the record, it just makes it taste like an ass.

All of a sudden we noticed one of us was missing.

It was a girl I had known since intermediate school and went out with at one point, and we had noted earlier in the night how, at the time we referred to it as 'crunk', she was (as was the style at the time). 

Her boyfriend was also quite drunk and we had to save him from the “Sea God Nimfrus” earlier in the evening - a story that deserves its own post.

So in a bid to save this female friend, who had pink hair at the time and as such was referred to as a princess by many other much younger campers, had gotten severely entrenched in a campsite of what we referred to as “D bags”.

The battle that ensued consisted of one of my friends getting thrown into a car, another being threatened with a 2x4 (or 4x2 depending on your country of origin), and me trying to carry her home while she scratched my face.

All in all - not pleasant.

So the next day Hugh and I packed our shit and drove. And drove. And drove.

It was soothing as hell. We listened to bad emo-punk music and sung, and visited several different campsites of people we knew.

We stayed with a family that had the best camping set up I have ever seen - with everything but a TV.

We slept in the car and on beaches. And drank back drafts and Heineken at every stop.

It was brilliant.

It will always remain in my memories as one of my best New Years - despite the antics that went down with our friends at the first campsite. 

Call this a “part one”, an overview if you will, of this New Years because there is much more to it.

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