Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I Should Release A Sex Tape To Boost My Profile.

Pictures make sit more interesting so here is one.
It is a photo and exact transcript  of the sort of things I say around the office....
Even though I am a copywriter. And That tie looks hideous on me.

Right I am back. It may not be for good, but for now it is so. So rejoice while you can and treat every post as my last because I am;
A) a little lazy and
B) overworked and underpaid (less than minimum wage represent!).

Now that I seem like a pessimistic a-hole (censoring for the kids, oh how I have grown up), let's go on.

So I have been working at an agency called Publisic Mojo in Auckland. It has been going well as far as I can tell so win there. But uh, its been challenging, not going to lie.

I do office-y things like send comical emails, and break computers while playing late night indoor cricket as Hugh and I think of ideas.

And I write a lot. It's advertising writing which doesn’t really flow like normal writing, which is the reason I have disjointed paragraphs and unfinished sentences. I will stab you if you tell me I am doing it wrong, because I got told the other day that a letter Hugh and I wrote was, and I believe this is verbatim, “quite well written.” Boom Bit…. characters (haha there is still a naughty word there but remember I'm being good for the kids).

So this is currently being written at my desk while Hugh is setting up a wordpress account (pfft wordpress. What an * insert a stereotype that uses wordpress*), because we are stuck.

So today’s call to action (look at me being all advertise-y) is that I want a list of sites that are interesting and inspiring because trawling youtube is fun and all but I needs me some brain food… although I can never get enough of this video. 

And also this video never gets me down.

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