Thursday, March 10, 2011

Free Stuff! Prizes! Neato!!

Alright Ladies and Gentlemen.

It is time to win free stuff.

And by free stuff I mean I want something from you.

You may have noticed that I have a badly, or perhaps brilliantly, depending on who you ask (although those who say it's 'brilliant' tend to express themselves through art, using the medium of their own fecal matter), designed header. Shh your hating faces! I am a writer, not an art director and therefore I don't know how to use photoshop.

SO... Competition! Email me (I just put a button on the side there, aren't I clever) a design for my header, preferably in JPEG but crayon will be accepted. If I like it you get the mystery prize, and prizes could be anything from a personally signed picture to something cool I steal from work.
Its all part of the fun!

Also tweet about me, put me on your Facebook, follow me. Exploit my newly installed button! Email me and you might get a mention (prestigious I know). All that stuff. And your prize for that will be that tomorrow or maybe today I will write a funny and entertaining post about something funny and entertaining.

Might start on that one now.


  1. I hate to be that asshole, but I quite liked your header! Therefore I refuse to send you anything. But if you change it I won't judge, I guess. Probably. Actually don't count on that. No seriously, whatever you want to put there is cool.

  2. @Kaitlin haha I wish I was talented enough to make that header! Alas, alack alay it was made for me by my art director Hugh.
    Admittedly he cheated because he sits about a meter away from me at work.
    But it does look pretty so Ill leave it... For now.