Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Multilayered Business Opportunity And The Team Behind It.

The "The Whole Thing Stinks" Building.
I could of photoshopped it so it looked less like 30 Rockefeller but forget that.

You may not know this about me but I am not just one person.

No, there is a team of writers behind this voice. David, the clever one sits in the corner reading novels, currently he is reading of Elizabethan England.

Graham is the office drunk. Oh Graham, always up to mischief. Look at him now abusing the interns for not bringing him a bagel and a packet of panadol because, like every night, he had a big one.

Sherrie is the office slut, not much to say there.

And Liza is the level headed one whose job it is to keep this whole operation running smoothly. Oh she stresses a lot about peoples inability to keep to schedules or when Graham brings live animals he stole from the petting zoo down the road into the office (the “The Whole Thing Stinks” offices have a strict no animals policy, not after Craig the intern some how got an elephant, a zebra and 4 hamsters* on to the 37th floor of the building) but she loves it really. (Did anyone else notice how that brackets with an asterisks really broke up the flow of that otherwise pretty comical sentence. Note to staff: Don’t do that.)

That’s right it’s all one big happy family here at the office.

Except for the proofreaders. Hayley and Beka. They take liberties with the text, one more so than the other, some just leave snarky red notes and others send emails and texts throughout the editing process.

So, without their knowledge, until I make one of them proofread this later today an experiment will take place.

The team has written a dummy blog, it’s all happy and weird. It will be given to both proofreaders with the information that they can change it as much as they like (as opposed to my normal note of “make it make sense then don’t fucking murder my writing!!”).

I will post each persons revised copy of the, original admittedly average (but whats new), blog and we can all make our decision as to who proofreads my nonsensical ramblings the best.

I may get the 3rd floor digital guys to make some sort of poll for this, or we can just vote in the comments section. Stay turned.

P.S With regards the competition, Hugh entered the current header (he blogs, as well have a button Hugh.). He has the slight advantage of sitting right next to me and the fact that he was one of only two entries. Come on people.

But let me know if you like this one.

*Being an office based in New Zealand there are no hamsters in the country so know one really knows where or how he got them. We assume he liberated them from the hamster fighting league but we all thought that that we a legend. 

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  1. Um, I wasn't under the impression there was going to be this competition in proofreading. I want a pay rise. Or I want no part in this madness.