Friday, March 25, 2011

Proof That My Proof Readers Are Smarter Than Me.

You know when you say a word too many times and it starts to lose meaning. "Proof" just did that to me and I only used it twice.

Right, so I have been stupidly busy recently (Read: I have been watching someone use Photoshop while standing behind them dancing and singing acapella show tunes) and you guys never got updated on the proof-reading contest.

Well, it didn’t go so well.

If you are foolish enough to explain the contest in a blog that both participants frequently read, you should anticipate it's failure. Especially because, if like me you haven’t told the participants about the competition beforehand, it might upset them.

However, I do highly commend Beka for her proof-reading efforts.
She went through and rewrote my entire post with atrocious spelling and grammar, here is a sample:

You get to sit their on yuotube all day, wear jadnals [or flip flops or thongs or what evr they are called in you're part of the world.), drink at lunch  time and do it all with a good freind.
Well I appare to be getting theyre. Its alot of work so sometimes youtubeing takes a back seat and today is the only day I have been alowed, neigh, encoraged to drink befre noon, it is apparantly a Birhtday traditon to drink guiness and do shots on you're birthday at   9 am. sweet
Any Whooo just a short one day, as it has been over the past few weaks unfortunatly as Hugh is looking at me angrilly and he actually read the blog the other day wear i called him names so idont think he feels to pleesed about the whole me wasting rejuvanating my craetive spirit by bloging and reeding other peoples blogs i will put a knew list on the side bar of the   awsome blogs i read and you shood read aswel, partly because you will find the genuinly funny and partly because i want them to see that their is so much trafic going to their site from my site and   then they wil email me and we can be frends and we can go out for cock tails a  nd tapas, o what awoderful world that wood be.
This essentially reminds me why she is one of my best friends (good, announce it on the internet, maybe then she will come back and proof read.)

Hayley, on the other hand, was less creative. She sent me a semi angry text and decided not to participate.

So it's relatively obvious who won.

Because today all we seem to be doing at work is moving desks around, and most of the work we had on seems to be coming to an end, there is a good chance I will try to get ahead on posts. Then you don’t have to deal with a) lacklustre posts like this one, and b) going so long without hearing my sweet, sultry text voice whispering gently in your ear though the interwebs. 

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