Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 2: already phoning it in?

Today is day 2.
The familiar feeling of tiredness that comes with my body not being used to getting up consistently early once again washes over me.
And it may feel as though I am phoning today in.
I assure you I do not mean it to seem that way, it is something that I have been meaning to do for far to long and that I am sorry has not come sooner.
What I am referring to is the corrections to the film idea that I posted months ago (look I have links, Its like I’m Wikipedia.).
Mere minuets after I posted that particular post Joe, emailed me to tell me I had it all wrong, unlike me I know but he had a list.
And so without further adue here are his corrections to the summer blockbuster that will never get made until one or both of us is recognized as a brilliant writer (of course I am in more of a position to do this but I doubt I will ever get asked to write a screen play (if you would like me to write a screen play I’m sure I can get in touch.))

People may say they told me there was already a TV show with the same title and well there is.
Still... Its a movie so it must be different. Right?

Okay a few mistakes here.
1. The 3rd guy causes the meltdown and during the movie is trying to discover a way to get them back to normal, while at the same time he is trying to find a way of telling his friends it was his fault. Emotional stuff I know.
2. The bodies actually take part in the robbery, which leads me on to the next plot point I have just recently come up with.
3. The bodies are being tracked down by a detective, think Morgan Freeman in Seven.
4. They only have a certain amount of time to get their bodies back, maybe they are slowly decomposing? Maye too graphic? But we definately need a ticking clock for the big action concluding spectacular! at the end.
5. In one scene they travel around on a tandem bike, its funny cause there is only one of them with three heads! 
Three's Company! (Three heads are better than one!) I know it's gold, will practically sell the movie for us.

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