Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lazy, Like A Sunday Blog Post.

Like a crack addict who was shoved behind bars, forced to kick his chemical addiction then cast back out into the world, I am back here, just like I always was, blogging and trying to post at least once a day.

Of course Blogger going down on Friday caused me to use my desk for it's intended purpose (a pool table, that is) more than I usually would, and also led to me actually doing some work.

This post, due to it's being a weekend post, I feel will be a little bit half arsed. This is because in New Zealand (where it's currently winter), we are all curled up under blankets reading by torch light as the elements batter us, whereas if you're in the Northern Hemisphere you are probably out climbing trees and pushing a hoop down a dirt road with a stick.

Nevertheless, I said I would write each day (yesterday doesn’t count because I assumed Blogger would still be down. I didn’t have anything to go off. If the PSN debacle is anything to go by I could have been down for at least a year, or four weeks, however long it has been),  and write I shall.

However I do feel as though by writing everyday I am losing something, diluting down what could be comedy gold into comedy silver or another precious metal that is only slightly less valuable than gold. I never want to be one of those people who feel the need to update their blog, Twitter, Facebook and any other contraption that the kids use these days, to tell the world they had a soda or that their cat shat itself on the rug (although to be fair a cat shitting itself on a rug could become a viral video on Youtube so, for the purpose of taking over the interwebs, that may be situational).

What I thought I would have for you today is an ad.

There's a compettion in the ad world that sends young creatives to the Cannes Advertising Awards and late last night I was browsing the briefs that they had online, and had an idea that I thought could be okay.

I tried to film it but alas my lack of knowledge meant I spent an hour trying to work out how I would film it (it seemed so simple in my head but how do you film finger shadow puppets straight on without getting the camera in shot?). I tried a few things, but ended thinking I needed to call up Peter Jackson and see if Weta Workshops could hook me up with a crew.

The other thing I needed was the voices of an army of small children, and for said children to make some cool shadow finger puppets (is there a shorter name for those?).

So time ran out and now, as the deadline looms due to it's being a 48 hour competition, I won’t be handing anything in.

But there's always next year; though by that time I will own the internets, the youtubes and have all the awards I will ever need, sitting in my ivory tower thinking  “I am the greatest.” And then crying, because no one ever visits me.

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