Thursday, May 19, 2011

I Brought A Note From Home.

I know I fail miserably at my challenge. But I have an excuse this time, honest.

I didn’t think there was any point because of the whole rapture thing, will that do professor?  

Come on, eternal darkness. Everyone you know and love dying. All of that happening on Saturday! This Saturday at 6 o’clock! *Runs around the room screaming we're all going to die, stopping only to take breaths and drink my soda.*

Yay for low res Monty Python reference!

I hope that came across as sarcastic. I am not crazy, well, in the sense that I don’t think the world is going to end, I have never sought the help of a medical professional to explain the inner workings of my mind and never shall unless I start stabbing, but that is a slippery road to head down.

I don’t think the world will end. It won't happen, but if it does I will pay you all of the money in my bank account, which right now is a paper clip, two dead flies and a rather impressive lint ball. Honestly, that’s what it says on my statement, along with a photo from the bank manager pulling the fingers and a message scrawled at the bottom in what appears to be his blood, spelling “save some money, douchebag.” I will save, Bank-man, when I am good and ready and not earning somewhat less than minimum wage at internships.

So with the predicted rapture looming (as it has every 40 or so years since the beginning of time), and the fact that if this rapture doesn’t kill us the Mayan calendar will, and if that doesn’t get us there is supposed to be some sort of world war that will wipe us all out, or the predicted earthquake last week that was meant to wipe Rome of the face of the earth (I don’t know who was to blame for that but still), my calendar is fast filling up. It seems I won’t even be able to watch the re-run of Friends that's on Saturday night.

So while there will be (if I am not to busy prepping for the end of days) posts between now and then, I will be seeing you Sunday for a glorious 'I told you so'.

P.S. Is the rapture happening 6pm NZ time or are we going by GMT or PST? I don’t know what the big guy upstairs sets his watch to.

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  1. I thought it was the 21st in America, so would be the 22nd here. All the best things start in America :(